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VIC Equipment List


Grand MA2 Full Size

Grand MA2 Command Wing

Grand MA NPU

Cybernet Touch Screen Computer

WDMX Black Box Transceiver

WDMX Black Box Receiver

WDMX Micro Receivers

Leprecon LP6-12

Lepricon LP6-24

RTS Intercom

Digico SD9

ESP Vision  


Martin Mac Quantum Profiles

Martin Mac Auras

SGM X5 White Light Strobes

ETC Source 4 Lekos

ETC Source 4 Pars

Coemar Full Spectrum LEDko (LED Lekos)

Color Kinetics I Flex (White Light) – ?iColor Flix LMX

Prism / RevEAL Studio.3 Tunable LED Fresnel

Color Blast 12 TRX

Dimmers / Relays Power Distribution

Leprecon ULD 360 6 Channel Dimmer (Edison out)

Fleenor 6 Channel 15amp DMX Relay box (Edison out)

Elation 4 Channel DMX Dimmer

ETC Sensor Rack (stagepin and Soco out) – 12 channel one

Motion Labs Power Distribution

Elation Dummy Loads (for LED lights) 


Tomcat 10’ 12”x12” Plated Truss

Tomcat 10’ 12”x12” Spigot Truss

Tomcat 8’ 12”x12” Plated Truss

Tomcat 5’ 12”x12” Plated Truss

Tomcat 12”x12” 6 way Corner Block

Tomcat 12” 6 way Hub

3 Wide Truss Dolly

2 Wide Truss Dolly  

Rigging – Motors – Lifts

CM Prostar ½ Ton Chain Motors (up to 100’ lift)

Motion Labs Motor Power Distribution

Wire Rope




Stac Chain

Sumner Eventer 25 Lifts


XLR 5 pin

XLR 4 pin




L615 Male to L620 Female Adaptors

L615 Female to L620 Male Adaptors

L615 to Powercon

Combo Cables Powercon / DMX Data Combined

Male Edison to Fmale Stage pin

Male Edison to Powercon

3 pin XLR to 5 pin XLR Adaptors

RS232 to DMX 5 Pin

Soco to Stagepin Break Outs

Soco to Stagepin Break Ins

Soco to L615 Break Outs

Stagepin Twofers

#2 Power Feeder

#2 Power Jumpers

#2 Bare End Tails

Soco 7 Pin Motor Cables 


100LB Base Plates for Truss or Pipe

Matthews 25lb Sand Bags

2” Steel Pipe – threaded water pip

Pipe Carts – no pics

Cat 85 KVA Generator (225amp 3 phase)

2 Way Radios – Controls

Drop in Iris Assemblies for Source 4 Lekos

5 to 50 Degree Source 4 Lens Kits – Pic will be sent

Barndoors – Pics will be sent

Tophats – Pics will be sent

Yellow Jacket 5 Channel Cable Ramps – Black on Black



Radiance Hazers / W DMX Fans (Water Based)